Wednesday, 24 February 2010

UKcast Episode 3

Well, Episode 3 has finally arrived (2 months may or may not have elapsed since time of recording). You can listen to it here or subscribe to us on itunes. We apologise for the huge amount of references to christmas in this episode (since this was recorded mid-December), but it still contains all the awesomeness you've come to expect from the UKcast team. After one episode. Enjoy!

In this episode, the UKcast team cover a huge amount of topics over the space of 100 minutes (it's probably best to listen to it in two parts to be honest). Hear Snoopy, Jakku, Jaden and Scott discuss such pertinent issues as:

Manga & Anime
...and a hell of a lot of random asides!

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  1. Finally!!! Baku here just giving you guys a warm welcome!! and I will soon listen to episode 3 of your lovely podcast. From San Francisco I wish you Brits a good one!

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  4. Nice one boys. The island will protect you hmmmmm? LOL! dont worry bout it great episode guys. if you want we can do a promo swap if you guys have one. "Cough" LOL! Keep it up guys

  5. I'll let the guys know and we'll see what we can do :) Glad you liked it.

  6. Man,you blokes out there are doing just fine.If only you guys could it out every fortnight,I'd be bloody happy 'bout it.Do note,don't become like chavs.Also,if you want to talk about football(the one everyone knows,but America),please do.We all will appreciate it if you do.Except most of America

  7. Haha, We'd like to podcast more often but alas, it is finding the time to do it.
    As to Football (or Soccer as the Americans know it). I personally am not a great fan of it (ironically, I prefer American Football, Basketball, Baseball ect.) but with the World Cup this year...well, it may come up. Thanks for listening. Hope we can continue to entertain.