Friday, 20 November 2009

UKcast Episode 2

It's finally here! UKcast episode 2 has been released to the world, and you can listen to it here using the flash player below, or subscribe to us on iTunes when we submit it!

So, it’s about time for a status report. We have two recordings in stock, one of which we will release at a later date, when we’re famous and it doesn’t matter how embarrassingly bad it was! Please disregard the references to Stephen Fry and any in-jokes that may be present. In episode 2, we have covered a range of topics such as:

Big news
Apologise to S. Fry
Future of portable gaming
Zelda games
Death of sonic
…and other tangents

Episodes 3 and 4 soon to come; send in your mail! We want some more topics and feedback!

Now a word from each of us:

Jaden “Axe Slaughterer” Richards- “I have nothing to say”.

Jakku “Brick-on-a-String” Maxfield- *Silence*

Scott “Guitar-Face-Smash-Death” Horne- “No comment”.

Snoopy “The Spearhead” Benson- “…”

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Unpopular Kulture soon to begin...

Welcome to the (current) official website for Unpopular Kulture (UKcast), a podcast presented by some of the most knowledgable and opinionated people of our time! Covering a broad range of media-related topics, UKcast delivers inaccurate and biased news straight to your iPod (or *snigger* Zune).