Friday, 21 May 2010

A very breif update

We may be recording very soon. This is pretty much it on the news front. Hope you enjoyed the update.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

UKcast Episode 3

Well, Episode 3 has finally arrived (2 months may or may not have elapsed since time of recording). You can listen to it here or subscribe to us on itunes. We apologise for the huge amount of references to christmas in this episode (since this was recorded mid-December), but it still contains all the awesomeness you've come to expect from the UKcast team. After one episode. Enjoy!

In this episode, the UKcast team cover a huge amount of topics over the space of 100 minutes (it's probably best to listen to it in two parts to be honest). Hear Snoopy, Jakku, Jaden and Scott discuss such pertinent issues as:

Manga & Anime
...and a hell of a lot of random asides!

Send in your mail! You can leave comments on our Mevio or Blogspot, follow us on Twitter and Facebook or email us on Thanks!

Victory at Last!

So, after a not-brief hiatus, UKcast are back! With Jordan finally bothering to render the recording of Episode 3, currently known as "Jordan Gets a Beat Down", we are close to releasing our newest ep! You can expect to hear it in the next few days, after Jack has whacked some awesome beats behind the talking! In this episode, you can look forward to such topics as:

...and many more (or maybe not, I haven't heard it all the way through yet)!

It a poor attempt to make it up to you, our loyal fans, this episode is a double-length special (clocking in at about 100 minutes)! We're so very sorry for the delay, next time we'll just beat Jordan down until he renders it. Violence solves everything!

See y'all soon, and hopefully you'll be able to listen before the week is out!

Peace and love,

The UKcast team (well, half of them)...

Thursday, 10 December 2009

A brief and exciting update from... Unpopular Kulture!

We've reached about 14,000 listens, so thanks to everyone who's tuned in over the last fortnight! Feed us feedback please! We promise to maybe include it in the next episode! Thanks again to Soul Bro, Neo and Chris at Gundamn@MAHQ. Also thanks to RRFDP podcast for their kind words. The world would be a better place if there were more people like you willing to give us feedback. We will be recording the next couple of podcasts in the very near future, and you can expect to be listening to at least one of them before the end of the year (hopefully a christmas episode).

Hope all is well.


The UKcast team

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Snoopy, Jordan and Jack's trip to see New Moon


- Peter Petrelli, S1 E12 'Godsend'

So, the Unpopular Kulture team (minus Scott) went to see New Moon last friday, after a long night of partying (followed by a long night of partying). Turns out that after the first week of showing, tickets were pretty cheap so we made our way into Worcester on good ol' reliable first trains! The morning didn't start well, with Jack choking on a skittle and an unfortunate choice of snack (note to self, never order nachos at vue lest you like your cheese freezing)! We finally got in to watch the movie, and it became clear from the get-go that we were the only guys there. So, what did we think?

New Moon Review:

The second film in the Twilight series was a bit slow to start, but good once it got going. Some wooden acting in parts, particularly by Edward (Robert Pattinson), but fortunately he isn't in it for very long! Once Bella stops being a whiny bitch, the story actually begins to unfold. Well, kind of, because not much happens until the end anyway. Jacob kicks ass just like in the book and seeing all the CG wolves was awesome. Tits.

We're starting to ramble so we'll stop now.


Friday, 20 November 2009

UKcast Episode 2

It's finally here! UKcast episode 2 has been released to the world, and you can listen to it here using the flash player below, or subscribe to us on iTunes when we submit it!

So, it’s about time for a status report. We have two recordings in stock, one of which we will release at a later date, when we’re famous and it doesn’t matter how embarrassingly bad it was! Please disregard the references to Stephen Fry and any in-jokes that may be present. In episode 2, we have covered a range of topics such as:

Big news
Apologise to S. Fry
Future of portable gaming
Zelda games
Death of sonic
…and other tangents

Episodes 3 and 4 soon to come; send in your mail! We want some more topics and feedback!

Now a word from each of us:

Jaden “Axe Slaughterer” Richards- “I have nothing to say”.

Jakku “Brick-on-a-String” Maxfield- *Silence*

Scott “Guitar-Face-Smash-Death” Horne- “No comment”.

Snoopy “The Spearhead” Benson- “…”

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Unpopular Kulture soon to begin...

Welcome to the (current) official website for Unpopular Kulture (UKcast), a podcast presented by some of the most knowledgable and opinionated people of our time! Covering a broad range of media-related topics, UKcast delivers inaccurate and biased news straight to your iPod (or *snigger* Zune).